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Prielom HornáduPrielom HornáduPrzełom Hornadu (Prielom Hornádu)

Prielom Hornádu

Hornad´s spring is set in east part of the Nizke Tatry mountains under Kralova Hola mountain. In this part Hornad has created a deep canyon valley and somewhere flows only through 10 meters wide river bed. In the most dangerous section for watermen- in „Zelezna vrata“,very sheer rock faces line river banks, somewhere even 250 meters high. If you decide for a voyage don´t forget to go down the river via 11 km long distance between Smizany and Hrabusice villages. Iit is considered as the very most beautiful part in Hron river.

Prielom Hornádu
Prielom Hornádu

  Accommodation Hrabušice
1 km
  Accommodation Čingov
4 km
  Accommodation Smižany
6 km